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My business is small. Do I really need a web site?
Without a doubt, every business needs a Web site! Consider these reasons:

• With Internet sales increasing almost 400% in the last six years, it's just common sense to boost your business with a Web site. You can't afford not to.
• Twenty years ago, your sign by the highway was the way many new customers found you. Today, a web site has surpassed that sign as a primary means for new customers to locate and interact with you.
• In todays digital age your customers expect it.
• Your business will look more professional.
• You will sell more products and services with less effort.
• You will be able to provide information to your customers more cost effectively. For example, upcoming events, special sales, coupons, holiday hours, etc.
• You can receive feedback via your Web site.
• It is much easier to stay in contact with distributors and sales reps.
• You can provide better customer service.
• It's the best way to stay competitive -- considering that most of your rivals already own their own Web sites or are looking into getting one.
• Your business has the ability to grow immediately, simply by having an on-line presence. Every person with computer access suddenly has access to your business.
• You will gain credibility. A professional, well-designed site makes your business look successful, and builds trust in your company and its products/services.
• You are open 24/7 without any added overhead and your sales potential could increase exponentially.
• It is the most cost-effective way to advertise. For example, once your site is up and running, most sites can be maintained for as little as $20 per month! Where else can you reach so many for so little?

So you will actually custom design my site for only $295?
Yes! For only $295, we will custom design your site for you, to your specifications. Note: Different browsers display sites differently. As a result, we test all of our web sites in multiple browsers to make sure that anyone on the internet may view your site.

There must be some catch. What gives on the price of $295?
There is no catch. We will custom design your site and assist you in obtaining a domain name to your liking. After your site is designed, we provide hosting and maintenance packages starting at only $20 a month when paid annually, or we can conveniently charge your credit card on a monthly basis if you prefer. This reduces our bookkeeping expenses and helps us keep our prices low. It also saves you from having to write a check each month. You will be hard pressed to beat our prices, and the quality is great. References are available upon request. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

I want to set up a web site but am not sure whether to let you custom design it for me or design it myself with an online site builder. How do I know which is best for me?
If you choose to build it yourself, you will use an online site builder. You will likely design your site from pre-designed templates. Generally, no prior experience necessary. You can edit your site 24/7 to make changes or updates. Learning the ins and outs can be frustrating. Also, search engine submission would be up to you. However, if you choose to have Wepent design it, we will custom design your site to your specifications. After the site is completed, we would then maintain your site for you using whatever updates or changes you would provide to us. We also submit your site to the search engines for you. So the bottom line is, it will depend on your needs, the amount of time you have to devote to such an undertaking, and whether or not you want a truly custom site.

If I design my site with an online site builder, is it mine to keep?
No it is not. A number of sites offer online site building, but some may not tell you this up front. A good way to explain this would be by the example of renting a furnished home versus renting an unfurnished home. When you rent an unfurnished home, you bring your own furnishings (your site built by a site designer). When you move out, all the contents are yours to take. If you rent a furnished home (build an online site) it is yours to use as long as you pay your rent. You may rearrange the furniture and make cosmetic changes at will. However, when you move out, you leave the furniture (your site) behind. Your domain name belongs to you and you keep that, but the site is not transferrable.  However, for a nominal fee we can provide you with all the files, images, etc. for you to keep, allowing you to keep your site.

What is the purpose of the maintenance fee that you mentioned?
If you use an online site builder, this will not apply to you. However, if we design your site, the maintenance may be necessary depending on your situation. For example, our church web sites sometimes have announcements or photos that need to be changed from time to time, a change in the time services start, etc. The maintenance fee covers these minor updates. Also included in this fee is the submission of the site to search engines. If your site is static and is strictly an informational site that never changes, maintenance may not be necessary. That is your choice.

What is a domain name and why do I need one?
Your domain name is necessary for others to find you on the internet. You may think of it as your "address". It is much like the local post office with post office boxes. Each site has it's own domain name that is unique so that others can find you. Even though you may design a Web site or have someone design one for you, it cannot be displayed on the internet without a domain name. In short, with a web site you must have a domain name in order to make it available on the internet for others to see. To find a domain name now, click here.

What is hosting? Do I need that as well?
Your site host "parks" your site for you. It is simply a storage facility for your site so that others may view it on the Internet. And, yes, you do need it.

This all sounds good, but how long do I have to sign up for?
We believe our service and quality will keep you here. For that reason we require no long term commitment.

What if I have a problem, how do I get help?

Our qualified staff is available to help you with your problems. Either by e-mail or phone, we are here for you!